Summer 2015 - Updates!

Hi all,

We've been having a great and SUPER busy summer. Tour at the end of June with Sam Woolf and  Alex Preston was awesome.  We are going back on tour at the end of July with Sam Woolf, Miguel Dakota and Sarah Barrios.

Check out our summer tour schedule and get tickets here:

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for new videos.  Our EP "Release" party back in June was filmed andrecorded - those videos should be out in August sometime. Our friends, drummer Aaron Sterling and keyboardist Andy Burton played with us that night.  The vids are being worked on by VuDu Studios Mike Watts and Tom Flynn.  

ALSO - Our new EP "Imagination" is on preorder on iTunes right now!! Get it here! Officially "Imagination" releases on August 10th, 2015! Steve Jordan on drums and Andy Burton on keyboards for this record.

Cool stuff is happening!

Matt & Andrew