One and Only (THANK YOU)! See The Light, Diamonds On My Chain and more news!

OMG guys!! Thank you so much for supporting us. We can’t believe our song One and Only has gotten over 1 MILLION VIEWS on Facebook!!!!! Thank you everyone for watching - we love all of you in the Phillipines, Mexico, Slovenia, and people from all the countries around the world that have been sharing the video. I’ll post the video below so you can view it here, and share it more! =) We really appreciate you all so much. As an expression of our gratitude Andrew and I are happy to announce the official release date for ONE AND ONLY will be April 23rd, 2019!!!!! So many people from around the world have messaged us saying they want the official recording so we want to get it out to you ASAP! =)

ALSO, we are so happy you guys are enjoying the SEE THE LIGHT music video that we released in November. See The Light is a very meaningful song to us so head over to our YouTube channel to see the lyric video, and story behind the song video. I’ll share the music video here - don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! We will be releasing LIVE performance videos exclusively for our YouTube subscribers!! See The Light will be one of the next live performance videos —- we posted One and Only and First Time live performances to YouTube last week!

In other news we have gigs in March where we are opening for Hailey Knox in Long Island, Connecticut and Boston!! Hailey is so talented and we are really excited for the shows. Please head over to our tour page on this website to see the locations and to get tickets ahead of time before they sell out!!

LASTLY, we are excited to announce our new song DIAMONDS ON MY CHAIN, a collaboration with our friend Sam Woolf, will be released on March 1st, 2019!!! I’m leaving the album art below. We also have a super fun music video that we are releasing on 3/01 as well on our YouTube channel. Keep commenting and sharing our videos - it means the world to us and we read and answer every comment as best we can - we love you all and thank you so much again for your support!!