Summer 2015 - Updates!

Hi all,

We've been having a great and SUPER busy summer. Tour at the end of June with Sam Woolf and  Alex Preston was awesome.  We are going back on tour at the end of July with Sam Woolf, Miguel Dakota and Sarah Barrios.

Check out our summer tour schedule and get tickets here:

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for new videos.  Our EP "Release" party back in June was filmed andrecorded - those videos should be out in August sometime. Our friends, drummer Aaron Sterling and keyboardist Andy Burton played with us that night.  The vids are being worked on by VuDu Studios Mike Watts and Tom Flynn.  

ALSO - Our new EP "Imagination" is on preorder on iTunes right now!! Get it here! Officially "Imagination" releases on August 10th, 2015! Steve Jordan on drums and Andy Burton on keyboards for this record.

Cool stuff is happening!

Matt & Andrew

Thank you Taylor Swift

It is a risky and expensive time to be a new artist; we went into debt to record our new album.  But, music is our passion, and we are following our dreams.

Yesterday, Taylor Swift stuck up for new artists who are working hard and many times do not get paid for their efforts.  Taylor stood up for what she believed was right and changed Apple Music's mind.  Now artists will be paid during the listener's free 3-month trial with Apple Music.  This affects us personally, as we are set to release our new EP Imagination on August 10th.

Taylor proved that one voice really can make a difference. People can achieve their dreams AND give a voice to those who feel like they do not have one.  Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. 

Thank you Taylor Swift.

Matt & Andrew Como

NEW EP Imagination is now available for Pre-Order!

Hi!!!! How are you all?

Our new album Imagination is now available for Pre-Order on iTunes (click here!) for only $2.99! What are you waiting for?! Go get it!!

We worked so hard for the last year on this album and continue to appreciate your amazing support of our music.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  Legendary drummer Steve Jordan and keyboardist Andy Burton of the John Mayer Band played on the EP.  It was recorded in NYC at Germano Studios.

Next up we have a lot of gigs and tour dates scheduled with Sam Woolf and Alex Preston.  Both impressively finished in the top 5 on American Idol in 2014 and are the coolest most down to earth guys.  We are playing with them in Boston, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Long Island NY! Check for dates/tickets!

Most importantly 6/19 is our EP release show on Long Island at 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue Long Island.  GET TICKETS HERE! We have keyboardist Andy Burton AND drummer Aaron Sterling from the John Mayer band performing with us that night. Aaron is also amazing -- he's done so many things like playing on Taylor Swift's RED album or Sara Barielles "Brave".  Seriously! 

Feeling blessed but also working hard to make it all happen.  Lots of cool stuff coming soon.  Keeping it real and busy busy.  In the meantime we did a cover of Roll Over Beethoven in the studio over the winter with Aaron and Andy (see below).

Talk soon!

Matt & Andrew


Spring with a Chance of Rain

Hi everyone!

We just wrapped up an awesome weekend playing a gig in Virginia with Ryan Beatty at Jammin Java venue.  Everyone we met there was so awesome.  That was the third time we played with Ryan - his fans are always so welcoming to us.  Below is a photo from the gig!

Lots of cool stuff coming up.  We just announced our CD Release party for our new EP "Imagination" 6/19 at 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue Long Island -  our friend Sam Woolf who was a top 5 finalist on American Idol will be playing with us that day. 

Get your tickets here!

Photo Credit: @MissMauraB on Twitter! Nice meeting you at the show Maura - you are a cool cat!

Photo Credit: @MissMauraB on Twitter! Nice meeting you at the show Maura - you are a cool cat!

We also posted a live performance video to our YouTube channel.  See it below.  Subscribe to us on YouTube by the way!  The video is live from Germano Studios and we performed our new song My Love with keyboardist Andy Burton and drummer Aaron Sterling - really cool dudes.  For those of you at the Virginia gig - this was the first song in our setlist on Saturday.

That's all for now! Talk to ya all soon

Matt & Andrew

The Como Brothers play their new original song "My Love" live at Germano Studios NYC with keyboardist Andy Burton, and drummer Aaron Sterling. Mastered at Capitol Records by Robert Vosgien. Music Engineered / Mixed by Kenta Yonesaka. Assistant Engineer: Jason Staniulis Video filmed by JR Vulpis.

Happy New Year! Hello 2015.

Hey all,

We hope you are had a great Christmas and are enjoying the holiday festivities wherever you are.  Andrew and I are enjoying time with family and friends.  We have been writing some new songs that we are excited about and we're going to have fun putting the finishing touches on those songs in the coming month (as well as making some demos).

2014 has been a busy year of hard work for us that opened the door to a lot of new opportunities.  We recorded TWO new records with some of our heroes including drummers Steve Jordan and Aaron Sterling (OUR FAVORITES), as well as a couple times in the studio with AMAZINGLY talented keyboardist Andy Burton. Carlos Rickett's Jr. (look him up - awesome vocalist) was visiting Andy and Aaron in the studio while we were recording our live performance album. We asked him to jump on and sing some harmonies -- you will be able to hear him on two of our upcoming tracks.  We worked at Germano studios for these two records.

Right now we are putting together videos, planning new gigs and getting a lot of cool stuff ready to release in conjunction with the two new records.  2015 looks like it will be really exciting! Expect a lot of this new stuff to be coming out in the Spring.

Happy New Years!

Matt & Andrew

Jamming with Dad and Uncle Lawrence at a family get together for the holidays on Sunday 12/28/14. 

Jamming with Dad and Uncle Lawrence at a family get together for the holidays on Sunday 12/28/14. 

Welcome to our brand new website!

Welcome to our brand new website! Andrew and I are so happy with how the website turned out! Take a look around and explore through the different web pages.  Tweet us @ComoBrosBand and let us know what ya think!

Andrew and I will each be updating this site way more frequently than the last and we're hoping this will be a nice home-base online.

Lots of new music, videos, and updates about tour dates coming soon!!