Como Brothers Release New Heartfelt Single, “First Time"


Como Brothers Release New Heartfelt Single, “First Time".  New York, NY, August 10, 2018: Singer-songwriters The Como Brothers released “First Time”, their heartfelt new single on August 10th. The single was co-written and co-produced by Andrew and Matt Como, and recorded in New York City with Grammy-winning engineer Kenta Yonesaka (Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar). The song is an ode to unconditional love and the first time one experiences that with another.  The emotional video for “First Time” features home videos of the Como’s from when they were infants up until the present day.

The song came together through a very interesting string of events.  It all started in October 2016 when Andrew was busking with his guitar on the sidewalks of Buffalo, NY before a gig.  Andrew was playing the Como Brothers’ original song “Magic” to anyone that would listen.  He sang the song to a a group of bridesmaids and groomsmen whom after listening said that Andrew had to sing the song to the bride and groom. One of the groomsmen caught the moment on camera.  You can watch it here:

A little over a year later, Andrew was contacted by the mother of the groom.  The bride and groom from the video were now expecting their first child.  The mother of the groom wanted to see if Andrew and Matt could surprise the couple at their baby shower with a song for the occasion.  “First Time” was born.

Delicate - Taylor Swift Cover [featuring Camila Cabello + Charlie XCX Mashup!]

Hi all!!

We decided to do a cover of Taylor Swift's song 'Delicate'.  Her songwriting has always spoken to us as very genuine and real.  Taylor has a way of getting to the heart of the subject matter in a way that is accessible to everyone and we admire her for that.  We admire her work ethic and how she constantly strives to be better in all aspects of her life and as a musician.  So without further delay - here is our cover - share with a friend!

We also did a cover her song Wildest Dreams a while back - if you'd like to check it out!

New lyric video for our song MAGIC is out now!

New lyric video for our song "MAGIC" out now! Watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

VIDEO by Josh Parsons. Songwriting: Andrew Como, Matt Como Andrew Como: Vocals, Guitars Matt Como: Bass Andy Burton: Keys Aaron Sterling: Drums Sam Woolf: Harmonies Kenta Yonesaka: Mixing Herb Powers JR: Mastering *Recorded at Germano Studios NYC and Vudu Studios Long Island.

New Single "MAGIC" now on iTunes!

Go grab our new single "MAGIC" on iTunes! Click here!

Aaron Sterling on Drums. Andy Burton on Keyboards. Matt Como on Bass. Andrew Como on guitar and singing lead. Sam Woolf singing harmonies.

Engineered and Mixed by Kenta Yonesaka. Also engineered by Frank Mitaritonna and Tom Happel. Recorded at Germano Studios NYC and VuDu Studios Long Island.  Mastered by Herb Powers Jr.

New Song "This Christmastime" on iTunes! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today we released our new song "This Christmastime" on iTunes! We hope you enjoy it - it was a ton of fun to record.  Under the image below you can see the guys that we performed with on the record.  Below are a few fun interview questions about the song and Christmas.  Have a merry Christmas, New Years and we'll be out playing shows all the time.  Check the tour page for dates  See you soon!

1. Take us through the inspiration behind your new single "This Christmastime"

Matt Como: To give you some background on the song I wrote this song while I was in my senior year at college in my dorm room at Loyola University in Maryland.  Finals were over and just about everyone had gone home for Christmas break - I had a final exam on one of the last possible days! I was basically the only one there. It seemed like the campus was totally empty so it gave me a lonely feeling.  At the time I was dating a girl from Loyola and she had just gone home for break which added to that feeling.  I heard some Christmas music playing and being a growing songwriter I thought it would be cool to have my own Christmas song. I remember thinking that I hadn't heard any cool new and 'classic' sounding Christmas songs - everything playing is always all these songs that have been overplayed a million times so I wanted to make a cool new song people could listen to for the holiday season.

So I tried to capture all the positive feelings I have about Christmas -- lights glowing, mistletoe, snowflakes falling, stars in the  midnight sky, the smell of cooking, happiness, singing, family parties, peace, love.  At the same time I was alone on campus so there was a longing in the song to be with that special somebody and there was the acknowledgement that it is hard to be alone during 'this time of year' around the holidays. It was fun to write and I believe it was finished in couple hours that night.

2. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Matt Como: Andrew and I have family parties every year so I'd say that's my favorite tradition.  It's nice to see our extended family.  We see my Mom's side of the family Christmas day and my Dad's side of the family Christmas eve.  Our Uncle's are all musical and played in bands growing up in Queens in the late 1970's into the 1980's.  So it is cool to catch them up with the music going on in our lives and usually someone breaks out a guitar or piano for a jam.

"This Christmastime" released on 12/16/16. Recorded in LA with Andy Burton on keyboards, Aaron Sterling on percussion, Andrew Como on guitar, and Sean Hurley on Bass. Matt Como singing vocals. Kenta Yonesaka mixed this in NYC at Germano Studios and Herb Powers JR. mastered it in his Florida studio.

October 2016 Tour Dates

Come see us on tour in October with Sam Woolf and Caity Peters! Get your tickets here:  Ticket links below as well.


10/21 Hamden, Connecticut // Venue: The Space



10/22 Warwick NY // Venue: Warwick Community Center

Tickets: At The Door Only.

Facebook Event:


10/23 Long Island - Patchogue, NY // Venue: 89 Nort Music Venu



WEEKEND 2: *Dates with Caity Peters (The Voice - 2016):

0/28 Fall River Mssachusetts* //Venue: Durfee High School


Facebook Event:


10/29 New Hampshire // Venue: Pasta Loft



10/30 New York City, NY* // Venue: he Knitting Factory


Facebook Event: 

Summer 2016 Update

Hi guys! Andrew and I have been busy with a lot of shows this year.  We just played one in Virginia this weekend.

We'll be playing a show 8/06 with Sam Woolf in Connecticut at the Space  Also - playing our first West Coast show on 8/13 with Mike Schiavo, Caity Peters, and Titus at AMPLYFI in Los Angeles.  We'd love to see you at those shows!

Our new album JAM THEORY is now up for Pre-Order on iTunes.  Go do that! You can also order a signed physical copy of the CD from our 'store' on this website.

While we're in LA we will be recording a couple songs with our friends drummer Aaron Sterling, keyboardist Andy Burton, and also doing a smaller session for one song with bassist Sean Hurley!

Separately - excited to announce we'll also be recording our song "I Don't Like You" in NYC this weekend which we'll make a single at some point soon.

That's all for now - were excited for the future and have a lot of big plans.  Thanks for all your support and we hope we can see you soon.

-Matt (and Andrew).

  Photo by Rick Wenner Photography.

Photo by Rick Wenner Photography.


We have two new songs out there! "Rumors" and "Maybe I'm Just Feeling Lonely" are on SoundCloud.  Listen and SHARE with your friends.  We need to start a movement! Spread our music the old fashioned way through word of mouth.

These two songs are on our upcoming EP "Jam Theory".  ENJOY!!!

All our best,

Matt & Andrew



maybe i'm just feeling lonely

"Maybe I'm Just Feeling Lonely"

We put our new song "Maybe I'm Just Feeling Lonely" on SoundCloud! Go listen and if you like it SHARE it! We are relying on your support to spread this around - we appreciate it.

Many more songs coming.  

All the best,

Matt and Andrew

Spring Blogging

What is up everyone.  Spring has sprung and we have been SUPER busy this entire year so far playing shows, doing studio time, writing, rehearsing, practicing, singing, etc etc. All of the above - we have been going at it 24/7.

ANNOUNCEMENT: In early April we went to Los Angeles and recorded two new songs! Aaron Sterling was our producer for One and Only and Maybe I'm Just Feeling Lonely. The mixes are finalized and we are getting the songs mastered this week!! We'll be releasing these songs real soon - we're so happy with them. We loved LA and can't wait to go back.

RECENT: We wrote a song with our pal Sam Woolf called "Sunshine".  What a cool tune.  Sam was up hanging with us in NY for the last week and a half.  We played a bunch of shows in the North East US including upstate NY, Long Island and Connecticut.  We also made it into the studio this past week to record Sunshine with Aaron Sterling on drums and Andy Burton on keyboards.  It came out awesome - pumped for everyone to hear it. It just needs to get mixed and mastered.  Mike Watts produced it and Tom Happel engineered it over at VuDu Studios in Port Jeff Long Island NY. 

MORE NEW SONGS! While we were in the studio with Sam we also recorded a new version of Make My Heart Move.  For the first time we were able to record a studio version of our song Magic as well.  Sam is singing all the harmonies in that song in the recording.

Andrew and I have plenty of shows coming up in the North East and we definitely didn't forget about ya'll in Virgina - we definitely want to make our way there and to many other places as soon as we can.

Thanks as always for your continued support - we are looking forward to releasing this new music and to a fun year ahead.  Lots of cool stuff coming!!

-Matt (& Andrew)

Sam Woolf, Matt Como, Andy Burton, Andrew Como, and Aaron Sterling at VuDu Studio in Port Jeff NY 4/10/16.

New YouTube Video and Upcoming Tour Dates!

Hey everyone!

We posted a new video of our song "Make My Heart Move" from our live concert video series "LIVE AT 89 NORTH!" View it below!

We have been writing new songs that we are very proud of and can't wait for you to hear them.  Our best yet! More on that soon.

In the meantime we have another show at 89 North in Patchogue Long Island Thursday 2/04/16 with our friend Sam Woolf! Get your ticket here: 

Many more shows this year - check out our upcoming schedule - we'll be in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Upstate NY, and more!

The Como Brothers perform their song Make My Heart Move. This is from their 2015 album "LIVE AT 89 NORTH!"

Hope to see you at a show soon!

Matt and Andrew =)

The Beatles - Hey Jude Video - Live At 89 North [Como Brothers Band feat Sam Woolf]

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great start to December!

Andrew and I released a new video this week. "Hey Jude" Live At 89 North Video featuring Sam Woolf on lead vocals. Aaron Sterling on drums. Andy Burton on keyboards/B3 organ.  This was truly a night we'll never forget.  Thank you to everyone who came down to the show to support us that night on 6/19/15.  And thank you to everyone who shares this video.

Go ahead - share this!

Sam Woolf and The Como Brothers cover The Beatles song Hey Jude. This is on their new album "LIVE AT 89 NORTH!"

We have more surprises and videos coming soon.  New video next Tuesday 12/15.  Andrew and I did a special cover and can't wait until you hear it.  Check our schedule for upcoming dates - we'd love to see you at a show soon! We just announced a new show with Sam in February 2016 - get your tix now!

Talk to you soon!


New Videos! "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes; "I Don't Like You" Live At 89 North

Hey everyone! More new videos posted in the last couple of weeks!

We did a cover of Shawn Mendes "Stitches".  I first heard this song I believe it was when I went to Taylor Swift's 1989 concert in Philadelphia this past June (2015).  Either that or one of our sisters played it for us. Regardless, we absolutely love this song - Shawn Mendes is an amazing talent with an inspiring voice.  And obviously, a great songwriter.  We also threw in a couple of our other favorite tunes from Ed Sheeran and John Mayer - we know Shawn is a big fan of both of their music as well.  Here is our rendition:

Also - we recently released this video of our song "I Don't Like You" live in concert from June 2015 from our new album, "Live At 89 North!" Aaron Sterling on drums and Andy Burton on keyboards.  What a fun show!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Until next time,

Matt and Andrew

"Magic" Video Posted! From "LIVE AT 89 NORTH!" Album

Watch our new video from our album "Live At 89 North!"   We performed our new song "Magic" at our show on June 19th, 2015 with drummer Aaron Sterling and keyboardist Andy Burton.

Purchase the album "Live At 89 North!" on iTunes here:!/id1056273682

Thank you everyone for helping the album to reach #18 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts last week! Hope to see you at our show on Friday 11/20 at West Islip High School Long Island 6:30PM Doors with Sam Woolf! Get tickets online - click here!

See you soon! - Matt and Andrew

                                       Photo from 6/19/15.

                                      Photo from 6/19/15.

"Live At 89 North" Now Available on iTunes!

Hey everyone!

Our new album "Live At 89 North" featuring Sam Woolf is now available on iTunes! Pre-order it now! Tell some friends! The album features some of our favorite musicians including Andy Burton on keyboard and organ, as well as drummer Aaron Sterling.  It was an honor to play a show on 6/19/15 with them.  We recorded the songs we played that day and that is the album we have here!

Much thanks to everyone involved including Mike Watts who did mixing over at VuDu Studios, Tom Flynn who filmed awesome videos -- we'll be posting videos of the concert to go along with this album -- and the rest of the VuDu Studios Team.  Thanks also to Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound Mastering in NYC.

We hope you all enjoy this album! We have some other shows with Sam -- check the tour calendar and hope to see you at a show soon! More exciting things to come.

Matt & Andrew

Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift [Cover by The Como Brothers]

Hey all,

We had an awesome time interpreting our own version of Taylor Swift's song "Wildest Dreams".  It is one of our favorites from her album 1989.  We've seen her live a bunch of times this year on the 1989 tour and really love this song.  We hope you like our version!

IMAGINATION EP now available!

Hey everyone!!

Exciting news! Our new EP IMAGINATION is released and you can go get it on iTunes.  It's also on a ton of other sites like Amazon, Spotify, etc.  Thank you all for your support - we truly appreciate it.  

More show announcements are coming, keep tabs on  We also have some really cool videos and a LIVE album that we'll be releasing soon.  The album is from our June 19 EP release party show at 89 North and the album will be called "LIVE At 89 North!"

Hope to see you at a show soon,

Matt and Andrew

Summer 2015 - Updates!

Hi all,

We've been having a great and SUPER busy summer. Tour at the end of June with Sam Woolf and  Alex Preston was awesome.  We are going back on tour at the end of July with Sam Woolf, Miguel Dakota and Sarah Barrios.

Check out our summer tour schedule and get tickets here:

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for new videos.  Our EP "Release" party back in June was filmed andrecorded - those videos should be out in August sometime. Our friends, drummer Aaron Sterling and keyboardist Andy Burton played with us that night.  The vids are being worked on by VuDu Studios Mike Watts and Tom Flynn.  

ALSO - Our new EP "Imagination" is on preorder on iTunes right now!! Get it here! Officially "Imagination" releases on August 10th, 2015! Steve Jordan on drums and Andy Burton on keyboards for this record.

Cool stuff is happening!

Matt & Andrew

Thank you Taylor Swift

It is a risky and expensive time to be a new artist; we went into debt to record our new album.  But, music is our passion, and we are following our dreams.

Yesterday, Taylor Swift stuck up for new artists who are working hard and many times do not get paid for their efforts.  Taylor stood up for what she believed was right and changed Apple Music's mind.  Now artists will be paid during the listener's free 3-month trial with Apple Music.  This affects us personally, as we are set to release our new EP Imagination on August 10th.

Taylor proved that one voice really can make a difference. People can achieve their dreams AND give a voice to those who feel like they do not have one.  Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. 

Thank you Taylor Swift.

Matt & Andrew Como

NEW EP Imagination is now available for Pre-Order!

Hi!!!! How are you all?

Our new album Imagination is now available for Pre-Order on iTunes (click here!) for only $2.99! What are you waiting for?! Go get it!!

We worked so hard for the last year on this album and continue to appreciate your amazing support of our music.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  Legendary drummer Steve Jordan and keyboardist Andy Burton of the John Mayer Band played on the EP.  It was recorded in NYC at Germano Studios.

Next up we have a lot of gigs and tour dates scheduled with Sam Woolf and Alex Preston.  Both impressively finished in the top 5 on American Idol in 2014 and are the coolest most down to earth guys.  We are playing with them in Boston, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Long Island NY! Check for dates/tickets!

Most importantly 6/19 is our EP release show on Long Island at 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue Long Island.  GET TICKETS HERE! We have keyboardist Andy Burton AND drummer Aaron Sterling from the John Mayer band performing with us that night. Aaron is also amazing -- he's done so many things like playing on Taylor Swift's RED album or Sara Barielles "Brave".  Seriously! 

Feeling blessed but also working hard to make it all happen.  Lots of cool stuff coming soon.  Keeping it real and busy busy.  In the meantime we did a cover of Roll Over Beethoven in the studio over the winter with Aaron and Andy (see below).

Talk soon!

Matt & Andrew