Spring Blogging

What is up everyone.  Spring has sprung and we have been SUPER busy this entire year so far playing shows, doing studio time, writing, rehearsing, practicing, singing, etc etc. All of the above - we have been going at it 24/7.

ANNOUNCEMENT: In early April we went to Los Angeles and recorded two new songs! Aaron Sterling was our producer for One and Only and Maybe I'm Just Feeling Lonely. The mixes are finalized and we are getting the songs mastered this week!! We'll be releasing these songs real soon - we're so happy with them. We loved LA and can't wait to go back.

RECENT: We wrote a song with our pal Sam Woolf called "Sunshine".  What a cool tune.  Sam was up hanging with us in NY for the last week and a half.  We played a bunch of shows in the North East US including upstate NY, Long Island and Connecticut.  We also made it into the studio this past week to record Sunshine with Aaron Sterling on drums and Andy Burton on keyboards.  It came out awesome - pumped for everyone to hear it. It just needs to get mixed and mastered.  Mike Watts produced it and Tom Happel engineered it over at VuDu Studios in Port Jeff Long Island NY. 

MORE NEW SONGS! While we were in the studio with Sam we also recorded a new version of Make My Heart Move.  For the first time we were able to record a studio version of our song Magic as well.  Sam is singing all the harmonies in that song in the recording.

Andrew and I have plenty of shows coming up in the North East and we definitely didn't forget about ya'll in Virgina - we definitely want to make our way there and to many other places as soon as we can.

Thanks as always for your continued support - we are looking forward to releasing this new music and to a fun year ahead.  Lots of cool stuff coming!!

-Matt (& Andrew)

Sam Woolf, Matt Como, Andy Burton, Andrew Como, and Aaron Sterling at VuDu Studio in Port Jeff NY 4/10/16.